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Why Health Insurance

As medical care and treatments advance, health care costs increase. Health insurance helps you pay for care and protects you and your family financially in the event of an unexpected serious illness or injury that could be very expensive. In addition, you can get routine and preventive care if you have health insurance.

We also believe that finding the right health insurance may get you better health care. Research indicates that people with health insurance are more likely to have a regular doctor and to get care when they need it.

About Health Insurance

Understanding health insurance plans can be confusing and most consumers don't know where to look or whom to contact for information. We are offering this site to help you, as a consumer, understand and purchase a health insurance plan that fulfill your requirements

Choosing Your Coverage

Choosing your health plan isn't only about getting the right coverage — it's also about finding the right coverage at the right price. Here are some tips to help you choose the right coverage at the right price

  • List the top five things that are important to you and your family in a health plan. Perhaps a particular doctor or a facility that you want in-network or a low co-pay for doctor visits and prescription. Whatever it is, know what you want from the beginning.
  • If there is a hospitals or a facility you like, make sure your insurance will be accepted at the hospital or the facility.
  • Find out if the health plan you are considering offer you an opportunity to try out their services for a short period of time. If you're not satisfied, cancel within that time frame and get your money back.

Start your coverage

Most insurance companies start coverage within two to four weeks after they have received all the information to process an application. During this if the insurance company is unable to verify your claim, they may either raise your price or deny coverage.

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